14 - 21 SEPTEMBER 2019


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Sailing, swimming, laughing, sharing, joining forces, making friends for life... See highlights from our sailing weeks

 Our International Women’s Sailing Week is a unique combination of sports and social activities.
We sail from one to another of the most beautiful and peaceful bays of southwestern Turkey every day, enjoying the 

brilliant blue sky and crystal-clear waters where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean.

We have been organizing yearly international events since 2008. Beginning with 2014, International Women's Sailing Week also promotes a different social responsibility theme every year. In September 2019, we're going to come together

once again, this time for our  X.International Women's Sailing Week.  During the past years, we have sailed in various "colors" in order to raise awareness of various issues. As we all know, women and girls almost all around the world are struggling with many challenges and violations of their basic rights. The best way, in fact, the only way to fight those challenges  and defend the rights of women and girls is to join our forces. Together, we are stronger and can reach further. In short, let's unite colors in order to unite women and sail "colourful" this year...

The most rewarding aspect of our sailing week is meeting women from different cultures and forming everlasting bonds.

Rising above our differences and uniting on a whole new level of friendship and solidarity is a unique experience that

can truly change your life…

​You are welcome regardless of your sailing knowledge and experience. We will be happy to instruct and guide you,

keeping you safe at all times.

If you, just like us, “believe that women can make a difference for a better world”, come and join us, we promise you

that you are never going to regret it…


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